18/1/13 Oprah and Lance Armstrong

I hope my blog about Lance Armstrong in October last year demonstrated how significant he was to me, not only as a cycling hero but a champion for cancer survivors. On Monday I read in a day Tyler Hamilton’s excellently written book “The Secret Race” in order to prepare for what might be coming.

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25/10/12 Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has always been my hero. I love cycling especially the Tour de France. I have been through the loss of my dad from cancer, and still have close friends going through it, so it’s very personal to me – hence it was always meant to be that Lance would become my hero.

Here’s a man who had testicular cancer that metastasised to his lungs and brain yet, through treatment he went into remission and continued his journey to much success. Additionally, he has set up an amazing Livestrong Foundation. Livestrong has fantastic resources and, although USA based, their website is excellent. I have accessed diary books that really are good for cancer patients here in the UK. 

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12/8/12 Racetime Events, Leicester Triathlon, Desford

As I have been told frequently by Johnny and Laura who run Racetime Events, triathlons like these cannot happen without volunteers. I imagine this is the case for most sporting events – hence the need for the thousands of lovely pink volunteers everywhere in London for the Olympics.

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21/8/12 Top Tips for Ironman Triathlon

Craig Twigg, professional triathlete, asked me to give him my psychological skills top tips for Ironman triathlon to contribute to his blog on winning the mental game for Bonktriathlon. Here they are:

Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated and Focused During Training and Racing

1. Set Goals That Are Performance Related

Performance goals are those where you strive to achieve improved times or techniques. Make goals challenging and break them down into short, medium and long term goals. Always write goals down along with the specifics of how you are going to make them happen and by when.

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16/8/2012 Olympics v Football

I was listening to a debate on the radio this morning that asked the question ‘what can the English football league learn from the Team GB Olympic athletes?’ A particular misconception that was not challenged was that there could be no comparison as athletes only turn up to compete every four years whereas footballers play and compete day in, day out for nine months of the year and during the winter too… oh please, really!?

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