12/8/12 Racetime Events, Leicester Triathlon, Desford

As I have been told frequently by Johnny and Laura who run Racetime Events, triathlons like these cannot happen without volunteers. I imagine this is the case for most sporting events – hence the need for the thousands of lovely pink volunteers everywhere in London for the Olympics.

It is very inspiring to be part of an event that sees athletes of all ages and abilities give their all to get out there and compete. This was the first time I had volunteered at an event that had a junior section and I couldn’t help wondering whether somewhere there in those determined and focused children was a little future Brownlee! When they came back to transition to pick up their bikes, I asked everyone if they had enjoyed the experience. Bless the little enthusiasts! There were no negative comments – all wanted to do it again, some didn’t want to go home and they wanted the chance to do it again – now!

This is legacy:

  • Being given the opportunity
  • Being encouraged and supported to do it (note to parents here – make the experience a fun experience. Be positive, happy and proud no matter what the outcome)
  • Make the opportunity happen again: events, coaching, and positive parental support

= Investment in the future!!

Additionally, and this applies to current athletes and everyone generally – volunteer, give some time back to ensure that a future generation keep up the legacy of sporting achievement!