21/8/12 Top Tips for Ironman Triathlon

Craig Twigg, professional triathlete, asked me to give him my psychological skills top tips for Ironman triathlon to contribute to his blog on winning the mental game for Bonktriathlon. Here they are:

Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated and Focused During Training and Racing

1. Set Goals That Are Performance Related

Performance goals are those where you strive to achieve improved times or techniques. Make goals challenging and break them down into short, medium and long term goals. Always write goals down along with the specifics of how you are going to make them happen and by when.

2. Positive Self-Talk - Consider What You Are Saying to Yourself

Make sure that what you are saying to yourself in your head is positive and motivational. Spend time experimenting with key power words or phrases to find the ones that you can repeat to motivate, push yourself and feel good.

3. Prepare Well Mentally for a Race

Mental preparation involves visualisation. Research the race layout and if possible look at videos of previous races so you can sense the atmosphere and finish line. Mentally rehearse the race and visualise yourself completing it successfully.

4. Break Down The Disciplines In a Race

Swim – Reset 
Bike – Reset

Breaking down the disciplines in a race and considering each as a separate element will help your head feel clear and fresh for the discipline. This also helps you move on mentally if something has not gone to plan.

5.Race Yourself Not Other People

Focus on yourself, what you need to do and what you want to achieve. 

Check out the full article at: http://bonktriathlon.com/blog/the-mental-game-4/
Craig also writes his own blog: http://craigtwigg.blogspot.co.uk/